Globalization ,Popular Culture,Consumer Culture : A Study of Bollywood FILMS

Monday, 11 July 2016: 16:36
Location: Hörsaal 48 (Main Building)
Oral Presentation
Padma RANI, School of communication,Manipal University,Manipal,Karnataka, India
Vijaykumar ---, School of communication,Manipal University,Manipal,Karnataka, India
Liberalization of the economy in 1991 has brought about transformation in every sector of the economy. Liberalization led to privatisation and globalization. The process of globalization brought changes in all sectors, where entertainment industries also got additional benefits in terms of financial support as well as volume of the audience According to Chopra (2007), Bollywood film industry also got “Industry Status” in the year 1998. Around six million people got employment in different form of production. Around eight hundred  Bollywood films release every year.

In the generation of globalisation films are crossing multiple millions at box-office by releasing all across the globe, across different class and culture.(Bose:2006) The high revenue generating trend has created a concept of “Hundred Crore Club” known as Blockbuster. These films are recognized as platform for advertisement and promoting the product to create consumer cultural in sustainable mode.

This study seeks to explore how popular culture like Films has been used as a bridge between the corporate world and the masses. Films have so many genres with different target audiences, but in the 21st century digitalization and globalization has changed the face of promotion and distribution entirely.  Corporate world, once they discovered the potential in popular culture through films, started placing their products in them. This paper would analyse films to see how they have been used as a promotional vehicle for various goods and services.