Migrant Women in Distress and the Intersectionality of Law and Jurisprudence

Monday, 11 July 2016: 09:00-10:30
Location: Seminarsaal 20 (Juridicum)
RC12 Sociology of Law (host committee)

Language: English, French and Spanish

The session will focus on the following:

  • Gender in migration processes from a law and society perspective with an empirical focus,
  • An analysis of feminist jurisprudence over migration within the intersectionality of these.
  • An analysis of the autonomous and dependent immigration of women to countries abroad, as in the case of immigration to the Silicon Valley, domestic help in the Middle East; the nursing care professionals and policies that shape gender, race, migration, and their marginality within the perspectives of law and judiciary.  
  • Legal policy in the context of the migrant women’s struggle to survive as in the case of migrant women/indentured women in South Africa.
  • Political compulsions that overlay the scarf/head dress practices of Islamic dress as religious practice of the migrant women’s public domain within traditionalism and modernity, and also looking as the other.
Session Organizers:
Devanayak SUNDARAM, University of Madras, India and Rashmi JAIN, University of Rajasthan, India
Susana NOVICK, Conicet-Instituto de Investigaciones Gino Germani, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
MGF Entre Derecho y Sociedad
Letizia MANCINI, University of Milan - Italy, Italy
Social Justice an Unfinished Agenda - QUEST for Amelioration of the Status of the Migrant Tribal Women in India
Monica RAO, University of rajasthan, India; Mansi TRIVEDI, BA.LLB.(HONS), India
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