Environmental Attitudes, Opinions and Perceptions in Comparative Context

Tuesday, 12 July 2016: 10:45-12:15
Location: Hörsaal 50 (Main Building)
RC24 Environment and Society (host committee)

Language: English

Environmental attitudes, opinions and perceptions have long been a major focus of environmental sociology, and in recent years this research has been extended in two ways:
First, there has been a significant increase in cross-national studies of “environmental concern,” measured by perceptions of the seriousness of environmental problems, willingness to pay for environmental protection, support for efforts to ameliorate climate change and the like.
Secondly, reflecting environmental sociology’s interest in analyzing “societal-environmental relations,” there has been a growth in studies incorporating a range of indicators of bio-physical conditions as predictors of public concern for environmental quality.
Despite the accumulating body of literature many questions remain, including the degree to which various indicators of environmental concern yield consistent results, especially in cross-national research, and the consistency of results reported by studies employing differing levels of analysis and varying analytical techniques such as multi-level models.
This session invites papers presenting empirical analyses of environmental attitudes, opinions and perceptions, particularly in comparative context – including but not limited to cross-national studies. We are interested in papers that provide comparisons of environmental concern:

  • across places, such as communities, regions or countries;
  • across aggregate scales or units of analysis;
  • and/or over time.

We especially encourage papers that utilize appropriate statistical techniques to situate the comparisons and examine variability across spatial scales.

Session Organizers:
Riley DUNLAP, Oklahoma State University, USA and Sandra MARQUART-PYATT, Michigan State University, USA
Downscaling Climate Survey Data — from Large to Local
Lawrence HAMILTON, University of New Hampshire, USA
Trust and Public Support for Environmental Protection in Diverse National Contexts
Malcolm FAIRBROTHER, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Green Ideas on Gender: Examining the Gender Effect on Environmental Concern in a Multilevel Analysis
Manuel Magno GARCIA, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain; Jose ECHAVARREN, University Pablo Olavide, Spain
Do Air Quality Policies and Individual Attitudes Meet? Four European Metropolitan Areas for a Comparative Exploration
Vittorio SERGI, University of Urbino, Italy; Paolo GIARDULLO, University of Padova, Italy; Yuri KAZEPOV, University of Vienna, Austria