Open Session II

Sunday, 10 July 2016: 14:15-15:45
Location: Hörsaal 11 (Juridicum)
RC19 Sociology of Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (host committee)

Language: English, French and Spanish

additional session
Session Organizer:
Mi Ah SCHOYEN, Oslo & Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway
The Social Protection Policy in the Context of Crisis. an Analysis Portugal/Brazil
Tatiane VALDUGA, ISCTE-IUL, Portugal; Tatiana CALMON, School of Sociology and Public Policy - ISCTE / IUL, Portugal; Claudia SANTOS, University Institute of Lisbon- ISCTE-IUL, Brazil
Impact of the Institutional Setting of ECEC on the Use of Child Care in Europe
Özgün UNVER, HIVA - KU Leuven, Belgium; Ides NICAISE, HIVA - KU Leuven, Belgium; Tuba BIRCAN, HIVA - KU Leuven, Belgium
Youth Unemployment, Post-Industrialisation, and Economic Crisis: Comparing Vocational Education and Training Policy in England, Germany, and South Korea
Timo FLECKENSTEIN, London School of Economics, United Kingdom; Soohyun Christine LEE, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Welfare Markets. Politics of Privatisation and Embedding Institutions
Stephan KÖPPE, University College Dublin, Ireland