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Identify and find colleagues working on projects of interest.
  • Build a worldwide database of sociologists.
  • Search for abstracts & publications in your specialties - available in ISA supported languages
  • Help us to build research collaborations across regions and specialties.
  • Increase visibility of sociologists at the margins by mapping for greater social inclusion.
  • Draw attention to complex contexts and concerns of our world.
Connect with sociologists around the world.
  • Develop sociological networks.
  • Connect sociologists worldwide.
  • Connect sociologists within and outside of their research specialties.
  • Facilitate more collaborations for junior scholars.
  • Share expertise with the media searching for particular topics
Collaborate with new and established colleagues on projects.
  • Develop topical courses transnationally & globally,.
  • Promote comparative research projects.
  • Foster synergies between members of national associations and research specialties
  • Increase participation through secure, user-friendly mapmaking and data access.
Support sociologists who encounter multiple barriers.
  • Support sociologists encountering economic and political barriers
  • Increase diversity in perspectives
  • Work to foster equal participation in global exchanges

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