Roundtable D

Understanding Civic Engagement in Asia: The Role of Social Capital (Oral Presentation)
Harris KIM, Ewha Womans University
Democracy, Anyone? Support for Democratic Governance in Newly Unequal Societies: Evidence from Post-Soviet Market Economies (Oral Presentation)
Azamat JUNISBAI, Pitzer College; Barbara JUNISBAI, Pitzer College
Elections and Territorial Inequalities in Post-Revolutionnary Tunisia (Oral Presentation)
Alia GANA, Research Assistant; Gilles VAN HAMME, Université libre de Bruxelles
Mexico: Democracy and Inequality in the States (Oral Presentation)
Rene VALDIVIEZO-SANDOVAL, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla ; Angelica VALDIVIEZO-ISSA, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla