Roundtable C

Mobility of High Skilled Professionals: Long-Term and Temporary Trajectories (Oral Presentation)
Rui GOMES, University of Coimbra; João LOPES, University of Porto; Dulce MAGALHÃES, University of Porto; Henrique VAZ, University of Porto; Maria MACHADO-TAYLOR, Polytechnic Institute of Bragança; Luisa CERDEIRA, University of Lisboa; Belmiro CABRITO, University of Lisboa
Circular Labor Mobility in the Central European Region: Job Finding and Labor Market Outcomes of Cross-Border Commuters from Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic in Austria (Oral Presentation)
Raimund HAINDORFER, University of Vienna; Christoph REINPRECHT, University of Vienna; Laura WIESBÖCK, University of Vienna
Contested Controll: Irregular Transit Migrants in Europe (Oral Presentation)
Anna WYSS, University of Bern
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