Delivery Of Quality Education In Global Era

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 9:50 AM
Room: F201
Oral Presentation
Dr. Urgasen PANDEY , College Agra University, India
Niharika CHATURVEDI , Humanities, s.r.k.p.g.college firozabad,agra university india, firozabad up, India
However, education and skills have also played key roles. Education has generally supported rapid economic growth through encouraging foreign investment, enabling technology transfer, promoting productivity and progressively upgrading the skills base as required for each successive economic shift to higher value-added areas of manufacturing and service industry. Education has also played generally positive role in promoting relatively cohesive national identities. Our key tasks in relation to each of our target countries were four-fold. The first was to identify the points in recent world history at which each country made a deliberate choice to forge a stronger integration between respective domestic economies and the global economy. The second was to provide an assessment in each country of progress towards the three goals of’ successful’ engagement; i.e. export-led economic growth, income equality and peace. The thirdwas to provide an assessment of the contributions made by education and education policies to each of these goals. The fourth was to analyse past policies for their impact on these goals and current and proposed policies for their likely impact in the future.

While many of our most important challenges have their roots in our history, there are important new opportunities and challenges emerging in the new century. However, to underestimate the new. opportunities and challenges, or to locate ourselves as ‘victims’, would be an historic mistake. While some commentators despair at the complexity of the current global environment, particularly with reference to the welfare of developing nations, we take a slightly different view. While cognizant of supra-national developments, we cannot stand by and watch the erosion of our efforts to build a democratic society.