Literate and Iliteratetribal Youth and Leisure

Friday, July 18, 2014: 9:00 AM
Room: 501
Oral Presentation
Jhaver PATEL , Sociology, Gujarat University, Ahemdabad, India
Literate and IliterateTribal Youth and Leisure

                         The Education is the one which teaches the educing many ways of spending his leisure usefully and constructively. The various objects of culture such as literature, music, art, religion and philosophy are the creation of leisure. But it is not developed automatically follow if leisure is provided. The role of Education will be seen here. One can perceive the difference if one observes the different ways in which the educated and the uneducated youth around one spend their leisure hours. The uneducated can be seen consuming their leisure in useless gossiping, smoking, quarrelling, sleeping, indulging in alcohol or at the most spending their time in visits to the cinema. On the other hand, the educated individual puts his leisure to better use.

                        Evidently, then it is only the educated person who can utilize his leisure properly. I have kept this concepts and select so tribal youths for sampling. In this fifty tribal youths 25 are literate and 25 are illiterate. Those who are literate mostly they are gradated and past gradated. I choose some variables to measure difference between them. These variables are following below. Economic Condition, Morning activity, Noon activity, Evening activity, their talking subjects, drug addiction, visits of cinema, gossip places, their desires, etc. I found tribal youth spend their leisure time an average 3 to 4 hours per day. Educated youth append their leisure time in positive activities. Always they are thinking in positive way where illiterate tribal youth mostly do negative activity and thinking negatively. Illiterate youth mostly meet in a public places like bus stand, grocery soaps, near by schools, near by tample, etc. when literate youth meet mostly their parents house. Where parents can watch their activities and some time guide them.