The Dynamics Of Rational and Non Rational In The Process Of Social Change and Desease Of Contemporary Society : Pareto and Freud

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 6:15 PM
Room: Booth 49
Oral Presentation
, University of Roma III, Rome, Italy
The dynamics of rational and non rational in the process of social change

             and desease of contemporary society:Pareto and Freud.

The paper will focus of the dynamics of rational and non rational exploring in a new light

the contribution of Pareto to the structure of social action beyond the only interpretation

of T.Parsons and confronting the concepts of logic and non logic action with the analysis

of S.Freud on the role of the unconscious.It is possible to establish any connection

between the concepts of  residui and derivations developed by Pareto with the dyna-

mics of unconscious  for the disease of our civilization and at the same time to use the

processes of rationalization to make sense of the substratum layed in our culture and

of its  ground meanings.Probably in the symbolic construction of reality there is a

meeting point for the interaction between so distant thinkers whose fortune has been

unequal in  developing the sociological and psychological analysys of modern society.

The interest of the analysis is about the concept of residui in Pareto and to what extent

they can fit not only in the social action but in the archeology of savoir of Foucault

and the unconscious of Freud. At the same time the process of rationalization linked with

the concept of derivation can be related  not only with super ego and the ego of Freud,

but also with the process of rationalization of M.Weber which ends up with the iron cage

of bureacracy and the irruption of charisma in the social fabric of reality.