Sociology Of Deviance and Social Control (Deviantology) In Russia

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 3:30 PM
Room: Booth 58
Oral Presentation
Yakov GILINSKIY , Criminal Law, Herzen University, St. Petersburg, Russia
The criminology, sociology, genetics, cybernetics were forbidden by a Stalin regime. These sciences started reviving only in the period of N. Khrushchev’s "thaw".

The first articles on sociology of deviance (Y. Gilinskiy, G. Zdravomyslov) were published in 1971. The early empirical sociological studies of different deviance types were conducted from the 1970th years. It was researches of alcoholism (A. Gabiani, Y. Gilinskiy, B. Levin, A. Nemtsov, G. Zaigraev), prostitution (V. Afanasjev, A. Gabiani, Y. Gilinskiy, E. Pobegailo), suicides (A. Ambrumova, Y. Gilinskiy, N. Proskurnina,  L. Smolinskiy), drug abuse (A. Gabiani, L. Keselman, M. Matskevich), crime (A. Sacharov and other).

First textbook "Sociology of Deviant Behaviour" (Y. Gilinskiy & V. Afanasjev) was published in St. Petersburg in 1993, and first monograph "Deviantology: Sociology of crime, narcotism, prostitution, suicide and other deviance" (Y. Gilinskiy) in 2004.

Contemporary sociology of deviance and social control is well developing branch of the Russian sociology. There are most known centers of a deviantology in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan, Tyumen and Krasnodar. The St. Petersburg’s Center of a Deviantology has a site (http://deviantology.spb.ru), which well-known and visited colleagues of Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Poland. Deviantology is closely connected with criminology, as sociology of crime. The course "Sociology of Deviance and Social Control" is taught at some universities of Russia.

Russian scientists (V. Afanasjev, Y. Gilinskiy, M. Rusakova and others) took part in work of Research Committee No. 29 (Deviance and Social Control) of International Sociological Association (ISA) on Congresses ISA in Bielefeld (1994), Brisbane (2002), Gothenburg (2010) and on the Sociological Congresses of Russia. Besides, conferences on sociology of deviance are regularly held in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Krasnodar, and also in Tyumen and Nizhny Novgorod.

The topic of deviance is particularly actual for Russia, where level of violence, alcoholism, suicide is very high.