Effects of Women Employment on Family Integrity (Case study: Comparative Teachers with Housewife in North of Iran)

Friday, July 18, 2014: 4:50 PM
Room: F205
Distributed Paper
Gholamreza KHOSHFAR , Golestan University, Gorgan, Iran
Nowruz NIMROOZI , PhD, Assistant Professor of Golestan University, Iran
Abbasali NARIMANI , Islamic Azad University of Rudhen, Iran
Naser FATTAHI , Noor Azad University, Noor, Iran
Identifying the effects of women's employment has contributed to the strength and health of the family, and the research in the effects of women’s  employment has high scientific and social importance and necessity. The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of women's employment in Integrity of the families. The research method in this study is survey. Population includes  of 400 people of employees (teachers) from 25 to 49 years as a test group, as compared with the same number of housewives as control group. Sample size which were determined by using Cochran formula is  200 that includes 100 of the employed women and 100 of similar housewives women. Samples selection is down, using random sampling method in systematic way in employed group and stratified method appropriate to unemployed groups. The tools of data collection was questionnaire and its validity was using a content validity of face validity, using and reliability using Cronbach's alpha coefficient (0/84) has been approved. For data processing spss software and for data analyzing statistical analysis appropriate in level of variables measurement such as Pearson, Spearman, the mean comparison (t.test) and analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used. The results of the research showed that the Integrity of family among housewives women is higher than the employment groups. More results show that whereas the income has positive relationship with the Integrity of Family, the education have negative effect on Family Integrity. Discuss show that the result of this study have been protect with the result of Alaeddini (1993), and André Michael (2003).