Privacy and Security Issues Of Mobile Phone: Perceptions Of University Students

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 7:00 PM
Room: Booth 44
Distributed Paper
Silvia AKTER , East West University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Mobile industry experince fastest rate of in Bnagladesh in South Asian region. Bangaldesh has 9 crre users of monile phone at present out  its 15 crore population. When this mobile industry is booming, the safety and security issues related to the use of mobile phone become very serious concern for both users and regulators. The privacy and security of mobile users become a serious security risk. This study concerns about how personal, social and economic safety and security,and privacy issues related to the misuse of mobile phone (threat, harassment and….). This study also concerns whether the crime committing has become more organized with the help of mobile technology and whether there should be a clear law to protect general people from harassment through mobile phone. The target population for his study is the students of private universities in Dhaka. The sample size is one hundred and four. The structured questionnaire based on Likert scale has been used to ask the respondents to indicate their agreement or disagreement on a five point scale ranging from strongly agree. The study comes up with the findings that misuse of mobile phone (threat, harassment and …..), is a regular activity. Student population donot trust the use of mobile phone anymore. Sequrity issue could come up due to phone tappling by government, access to call list by unauthorised people, etc. Privacy issues come up from exposing the personal mobile to public, un-timely call, un-wanted call. etc. The respondents blame the government for lack of law to protect the interest of the users. A strong pro-user regulatory board is expected by them. The study also finds that the sequrity concerns will be more significant in the coming days than before.