Re-Reading "The Loss Of Meaning In Death" By Shun Inoue

Monday, July 14, 2014: 3:30 PM
Room: 304
Oral Presentation
Hirohito SUZUKI , University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
In this presentation, we will reconsider the English translation possibility of discussion, "The Loss of Meaning in Death" of Mr. Inoue Shun.What is the "post-war(Sen-go) japanese society" for Mr. Inoue? We would like to discuss the description "can be understood in the cognitive level" or "feeling". Because, the question to the "Meaning in Death", was written while clearly reflected the feeling and experience of Mr.Inoue himself to  the "post-war(Sen-go) japanese society". In another word, "post-war japanese society" could show us many possibilities. 

In addition, as for the "normative level", developping interdisciplinary sociology between literature, Mr. Inoue is the only one scholar  who manage the subject of analysis sociological knowledge itself "feel" it, because can contribute to the "accumulation of results beyond the generation of sociological research".

Sociology of knowledge, Inoue advocates, social consciousness theory, or,cultural sociolgy we do not have to limit the domain of Mr. Inoue's theory.We believe in the wake of this presentation, we would like to appeal widely, the contribution of Inoue for the world aging society.