Costs For Survival

Thursday, July 17, 2014
Room: 511
Yuka NAGATA , Co., Japan
Minori NAGATA , Yokohama National University, Japan
Hiroyasu NAGATA , Shizuoka University, Japan
The necessary cost to continue the life increase year by year. It is said a baby was born in Japanese assume a debt 7 million one’s back just now. A fact is not able to pay to survival cost have not the method unless everybody depend on pitiful death or the help of others with obvious reasons of not income. Our viewpoint has, now a day, a nation must guarantees because of the system is organized by a nation, if the guarantee is not, everybody dies fields or only lives by personal responsibility, nevertheless we aware of the nation is not without persons. For the nation is considering the social-welfare that only taxes increase is able to reform. We examine the cost for survival. This paper continues The 86th Japan-Sociological-Society-Meeting, 2013 in Japan present. We know already cannot adopt finding employment, when companies are not more than initial incomes. Furthermore, we understand the same everything compensation as Expenditures = {welfare, pension, public-works, public-employee-salary, subsidy: childcare-allowance}, for Incomes = {bonds, taxes, contribution, monetary-easing}. The cost for survival includes expensive structure of various taxes. Why does the cost for survival occur? Who have costs carry on theirs back else way to pay? Can they not pay costs by service and contribution to the society? Our study picks up a 15 villages’ example simulation to answer that question modeled on Japan where a mayor live and a staff who order public works, a youth and an old on welfare, grant a pension and three children. A bank employs president and a clerk. A company employs top and a worker. We understand that the cost for survival increase according to the nation’s expenditure and income up as various taxes. Our conclusion is that the best situation on the cost for survival lightens the burden.