Leisure and Mental Health: Sociological Study Of Women Experiencing Leisure During Their Mental Illness

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 5:45 PM
Room: F206
Oral Presentation
Madhu NAGLA , Sociology, M.D.University, Rohtak-124001, India
Leisure and Mental Health: Sociological Study of Women Experiencing Leisure during their Mental Illness



Prof.Madhu Nagla

Department of Sociology



Email: bnagla@yahoo.com


This paper reports the findings from interviews with 194 mentally ill women who are seeking treatment in government hospital, Gurgoan in Haryana State, India.  The respondents were questioned about their participation in leisure activities, and also about the overall experience of leisure activities.  The results show that the women believed that leisure is not a part of their routine activity and hence they do not get benefits of leisure in their mental and physical health.  Further, respondents reported that leisure activities gives feeling of physical and mental health and also provides experience of pleasure and freedom.  It is argued that, contrary to the notion that leisure helps in maintaining good physical and mental health, doctor do not insist on participation in leisure activities.  It is concluded that leisure and mental health are all embedded in the surrounding social contexts and, indeed, that leisure activities in general are inextricably entwined with their boarder cultural and structural context.