Ict Infrastructures For Social Public and Political Participation

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 10:45 AM
Room: Booth 65
Oral Presentation
Mariella BERRA , Turin University, Torino, Italy
Diffusion and deployment of high-speed Internet and related services are considered a key element for fostering a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and taking advantage of a digital single market for households and businesses and overcome the digital divide .

This contribution is bound to explore the link between ICT diffusion and smart growth, putting in evidence how high-tech information technology is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for a true smart development. By means of first-hand quantitative as well as qualitative data deriving from the research project, conducted in Piedmont region in 2010-12, and also on European and national surveys on ICT diffusion this paper explores to what extent ICT can really induce high intensity knowledge activities and services able to promote social participation and cooperation.

 This paper will highlight how a cooperative game between the different social, institutional and economic actors can improve the quantitative and qualitative  diffusion of ICT infrastructures and give raise to effective vertical (interaction among Regions, provinces, municipalities) and horizontal (interactions between institutions, public companies and non-profit organizations) forms of e –government and e-governance  aimed at creating a social and cultural capital.. Furthermore on the base of 40 case studies of territorial Wi-Fi facilities it will be put in evidence how the creation of these infrastructures, highly placed in a territorial context, can manage to create a  social model which combines technology and technological capabilities with social relations, giving rise to interesting forms of cooperation among social actors in promoting both the growth of citizens services, new economic innovative activities and interesting forms of participation .