From Environmental History to Sustainable Future? On the Taiwan Experience and Beyond

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 2:15 PM
Room: 502
Oral Presentation
Hsin-Huang Michael HSIAO , Academia Sinica, Taiwan
In this presentation, I will draw from the lessons of Taiwan's local environmental history in 10 counties and cities over the past 60 years to assess the possible future for sustainable development.

First, I will sketch the overall and particular historical trajectories of how local environment has been affected and become deteriorated by human actions and government policy factors such as ill planned industrialization and over urbanization in many localities. 

Second, I will look into the rise, development, and effect of green local civil society forces in the forms of anti-pollution, nature conservation, and anti-nuclear power protests that have tried to stop the pro-growth path and reverse the environmental injustice in various counties and cities..

Third, I will then assess if the slow yet steady paradigm shift facilitated by the green movements has been effective enough to change the government-business collective mindset and even lead Taiwan to a sustainable and just development future.