A Mapping of the Current Reality of Regional Inequity

Monday, July 14, 2014: 3:45 PM
Room: Booth 45
Oral Presentation
Alejandro M. LIBERMAN , Member, Libertad & Progreso Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina
This document will focus on the continuity of a power that emanate toward the provinces of the interior of Argentina and the power relations between the national state and different sub-national states.

It will be shown that there are colonial models from Mexico to Argentina that have their origins in scholastic currents found in the peninsular cloisters of medieval Europe. Under this influence, and a century after the conquests carried out in the region of the Rio de la Plata, the first institution of higher education was conceived. The most important philosophical currents in the region could be seen to parallel the political regime introduced there.

Futhermore, the economics and the general development of the Argentine territory were considered from their inception focusing on external trade of primary resources whose main activity consisted in the creation of a handful of precarious port-cities and surrounding areas of the interior with the products being exported to Europe exclusively without balance and with diametrically opposed strategies.

These two main aspects –economical and philosophical-political- imbued Argentina with a distinctive profile in the development of its institutions and in the power dynamics that have persisted for almost five centuries.

This specific distribution led to a particularly non-disruptive path; a path that is highly inequitable with regard to the development of ideas, of power and its institutions and with delayed economic development.

This exploration will give rise to a mapping of the current reality of regional inequity under protection of a biased and caudillista political and economic power.