Consideration and Meaningfulness of the Educational Scientific Research: The Explicit or Implicit Concealment of Social Class

Monday, July 14, 2014: 3:45 PM
Room: 315
Oral Presentation
Lela GOGOU , Pedagogical studies, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece
Evaggelia KALERANTE , Education, university West Macedonia, Athens, Greece
The present paper is concerned both with the limits and dynamics of research tools in the specification of theory, in data categorization and in the final representation of the educational incidents or situations schematization and meaningfulness. In particular, the issue of investigation is how meaningfulness is rendered, through the single-side focus on the variable of gender or nationality, to a uniform society which is typically or atypically conceptualized as a homogeneous collectivity, partially differentiated in terms either of gender or nationality.

Social inequality, differentiations in economic, educational and cultural capital elevated through the categorization of individuals in the various social classes was concealed by the argumentation about the in-depth study with focus on one of these variables. There is a thorough analysis of the system which, as the dominant scientific paradigm, was gradually promoted in the capitalist, liberal structures as a model of blunting social inequalities by the projection of new collectivity schemata such as social stratification. The latter actually substituted social class by eliminating the concept of social inequality, different educational opportunities and the individuals’ different present and future based on their social class.

The exemplary implementations depict how non-reference to social class was conducive to an enfeebled theoretical approach, because social consideration, the actual social situation and the social class reproduction model were not elevated, in which the variables of gender and nationality should be co-examined by co-formulating the issue of study within the expanded schema of social class.

Within a mature phase of post-consideration, the restoration of social class in the educational research and in education is suggested, being conducive to the promotion of the policy of rights, especially during an economic crisis period.