Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in Russia and in Western Countries

Monday, July 14, 2014: 5:50 PM
Room: 419
Oral Presentation
Konstantin PETUKHOV , Perm state national research university, Perm, Russia
The aims of study is to determine the dominant practices of corporate social responsibility in Russia and to compare them with the features of the model of social responsibility of business in developed countries. This allows to quantify the nature of corporate social responsibility in Russia and to find the advantages and disadvantages of the domestic model of corporate social responsibility. The empirical base of the research was information on websites of 570 largest companies in Russia. In study it were examined sections of sites about the activities of companies in the field of social responsibility, non-financial reports, as well as the characteristics of company’s interaction with stakeholders in social networks. Content analysis of the data published on the Internet has allowed to identify three areas of social responsibility of Russian companies: operating in the interests of their employees, charitable initiatives and efforts to protect the environment. It was found that the practice of social responsibility in Russia are significantly different from Western models, due to the specific socioeconomic problems, philanthropic traditions, religious norms and the role of the state. The results can be used in future comparative studies of social responsibility of business in Russia and abroad, and to improve the efficiency of Russian business practices in the area of social responsibility and accountability to stakeholders.