Footage Surveillance, Social Sorting and Crime Narratives

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 9:15 AM
Room: Booth 43
Oral Presentation
Nelson ARTEAGA BOTELLO , Sociology, Fac Latinoamericana Ciencias Sociales, México D.F., Mexico
The use of surveillance footage by the police for solving crimes is discussed here focusing on marginalized neighborhoods. It examines how the processes of stigmatization and criminalization of these sectors are justified as well as explaining their social sector condition of being at "constant risk" or "unavoidable risk", depending on the social environment in which they live. This enables a discussion which tends to naturalize the violent conditions they suffer through. This discourse contrasts with that which is constructed for other social sectors, in which victims are perceived as having a status of "avoidable risk", while their vulnerability is attributed to "external" factors to their way of life.