Tuva Ethnos As a Large Social Group of Makrosociety

Monday, July 14, 2014: 3:30 PM
Room: Harbor Lounge A
Oral Presentation
Nataliya TOVUU , Social Psychology, Tuva State University, Kysyl, Russia
Arat HAYDYP , Scientific Center of Ethnical Psychology and Social Practice, Kysyl, Russia
Chingis HAYDYP , Scientific Center of Ethnical Psychology and Social Practice, Kysyl, Russia
By empirically study, we found that Tuva ethnos, as a social group in the transition to market economy in the early 21st century has preserved their traditional ethnic values: caring for children and family-related communications, hospitality. In value orientations, especially in the female population, education is estimated highly enough. National feelings are characterized by high grades of love for Motherland and its people, Mother Nature and local Culture. Power relationships (relationship of management and submission) among the people of Tuva - is an expression of respect, humility and tolerance for decision makers, particularly expressed in the male population. Family relationships are characterized by respectful and caring relationships between family members: husband and wife, children, close relatives, respect for elders, tolerance and civility.

One of the leading trends in the experimental work in social psychology: it is - the organization and conduct of scientific research projects, scientific field trips, “Categorical perception of facial expressions of racial characteristics”, “The specifics of communicative and cognitive processes of the Tuva Todzha people", Congress "Steppe Civilization - 2004, 2009, and in 2012”, " Human consciousness: traditional ethnic sustainable patterns of life and evolution". In today's world the holding of international and regional scientific conferences , research projects , seminars , meetings with prominent researchers and practitioners exchange experiences, and workshops, have now become a tradition in the region and identify the problems of society , groups and personalities. Search, comparison, meditation scholars, practitioners in the modern period of development of society and groups, with the position of the cultural and historical context, research approaches enriches the process of social cognition personality image of the world in a globalized world, the design and interpretation of environmental social reality of Tuva ethnos.