The Role of the Court-Reforms in Transforming Azerbaijan Society

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 11:15 AM
Room: Booth 59
Oral Presentation
Rufat GULIYEV , Azerbaijanian Sociological Association, Baku, Azerbaijan
Both in the judicial system and in the minds of the population, there are still problems with the past communist regime in modern Azerbaijan. The conducted survey of the character and the essence of this problem can allow us to identify the ways of improving the judicial system in the country in line with the requirements of a democratic society.

The majority of the surveyed believe that democratic transformation of society cannot be successful and private enterprises cannot develop without legal base and perfect judicial system that are capable of effective protection of private property rights, control after execution of the agreed responsibilities, protection of the rights of economical subjects, foster creation of market relations.

One of the reasons for the judicial power not to be able fully satisfies demand for the services is the fact that this demand is artificially lowered because of the distrust of the population to the judicial system.  The other reason that lowers demand for the judicial services is lack of economical growth, which doesn’t foster growth of the need in resolution of economical arguments.

It is evident that the observed tendency for activation of the commercial activity and successful implementation of the economical reforms will foster increase of demand for the services of the judicial system. 

Study of the opinions of enterprise managers, representatives of the general population, judges and employees of the court machinery, analysis of their judgments and proposals allowed to reveal the most relevant problems related to the work of courts and render of the judicial services, to determine the paths for extension of population’s and business sector’s access to the judicial services, which will help to further improve the judicial system and will become a cause of the more effective implementation of the goals of the judicial reform in Azerbaijan.