Preschool Teachers in a Changing Institutional Context: Reforms and Prospect of Professional Group

Friday, July 18, 2014: 8:54 AM
Room: 414
Oral Presentation
Elena KOLESNIKOVA , Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia
Results of this research are the initial stage of the "Processes of the Actual Russian Market of Preschool Education" project and allow to allocate the following main points of a situation of preschool teachers in the period of institute reforming. Difficult situation of preschool teachers is caused by increase of demand for this service, on the one hand, and an obvious suspense of an array of problems of the sector, defining status positions of group, on the other hand.

The cultural resource of occupation is very poorly popularized that making uncertain the symbolical capital of group in the opinion of clients (parents and educational government officials). In this situation private sector is essentially interested in advance of the cultural capital of occupation as the power of authority and expertise of a profession as a basis to increase the status indicators of the group.

At institutional level monopolization by the state of administrative functions admits. The professional organizations in estimate of experts received different treatment. Informants of the "pro-state" sector associated them only with labor unions, taking into account absence at them serious opportunities of change of professional group position. Experts of "pro-market" organizations showed interest in professional associations and the organizations of public control. The preference of a type of expert associations focused on advance of the cultural capital of group and classical "not bureaucratic" ideas of professional independence, testifies higher interest in development of power resource and group ascending mobility.

The current changes in an institutional context can potentially modify structure of professional group, promote legalization and expansion of its private sector and increase of its status indicators.