The Relations Between National and Global in Ukrainian University Rankings

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 4:45 PM
Room: F202
Oral Presentation
Sergiy KURBATOV , Institute of Higher Education, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
In my presentation I want to analyze how national and global components are presented in the leading Ukrainian university rankings TOP 200 and COMPASS and, in manifest or latent ways, influence the contemporary vision of university mission. . Being initially national educational institutions (with a certain specific interpretation of “national” during times of Russian Empire and Soviet time), after 1991 Ukrainian universities faced a kind of “double pressure” from the ideology of nationalism and influences of globalization. How intersection between “national” and “international” is presented in the main criteria and indicators of these university rankings? Do rankings help to create new academic hierarchy in Ukrainian university education? How effective are university rankings as a tool for internationalization of our system of education? These are the main questions for my future presentation.