Vulnerabilities to the Network Human Capital

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 10:30 AM
Room: 512
Oral Presentation
Sergey KRAVCHENKO , Sociological Department, Moscow State University of International Relations, Moscow, Russia
The content and, therefore, the conceptual interpretation of the human capital is multifaceted and many-sided, depends on the historical time, cultural space, nowadays mainly - on the conditions of becoming complex socium, its “normal accidents” (Ch. Perrow), social and climate turbulences produced  by human agency. Taking into consideration these realities we have proposed a network model of the human capital that is adequate to the urgent need of a humanistic component in the human capital.

There appeared new vulnerabilities to the network human capital. Until recently in the history of mankind in the implementation of modernization the question about the humanistic ways and means to achieve the goals was not even discussed.  Any pragmatic and rational intentions by themselves do not lead to prosperity, harmony, peace, if they do not provide the production of humanism, its penetration into social institutions. The network human capital should be managed on the basis of some fundamental requirements:  management should take the form of a civilized and humane way of the interactions people; it should take into account the non-linearity of the human capital formation, dynamically complex causal relationships, the factor of social and climate turbulences; we should mind  the latency of the formation of the human capital, that is -  unforeseen and unintended consequences of human agency; it is necessary to consider the delayed hazard as derived from the scientific research and innovation: the effect of "normal accidents"  should be extended not only  on scientific and technological innovations but also on economic and political spheres, as well as on the processes of medicalization, urban design, new information technologies, tourism, fashion, diet etc.