The Collaps of the GDR in 1989- an Analysis of the Political Career Chancesof East German Women in This Time of Change

Monday, July 14, 2014: 6:00 PM
Room: 418
Oral Presentation
Cornelia HIPPMANN , Technical University of Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany
This abstract aimed to determine the career opportunities of East German female politicians in the time of the collapse of the GDR and consider the processes of their social and mind-making. The empirical basis are 24 biographical interviews with female MP`S from East Germany.  In this regard my research confirmed that "the revolution in the former GDR" has got a crucial influrence on the East Germany politicians careers, especially, when it is cooperation with other categories of difference such as "gender". That is why influrence of the collapse of the GDR and the following transformation processes had crucial influrence on career opportunities of East German female politicians be considered. To that extent, the research aiming to show, too how "gender" and "gender differences" in politics are constructed in this time of change. These consequences for their politicial careers will be demonstrated, too. The abilities which are essential for successful careers if women in politics are dicussed. Another focus is on the specific advantages and disadvangtes female politicians have got because of their "gendered" role in the time of the collapse of the GDR, the transformation processes and the reunion in Germany. Besides, it will be shown if and in which way female politicians will be accepted by the male competitions and by the society. Last but not least the consequences of these subjects for the political culture at the present time are also discussed.