Gender Differences in Social Quality in Taiwan

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 9:00 AM
Room: Booth 53
Oral Presentation
Lih-Rong WANG , College of Social Science, NTU, Taiwan
This paper will try to explore the social quality through gender lance.  Taiwan is under quick transition in terms of democracy and economic and social progress.  However, unstable and anxious social atmosphere tend to occupy the society quite often. This paper is going to see whether there in gender difference in perception of social quality.

 The data is derived from 2nd wave SQSQ survey done by National Taiwan University.  This questionnaire has been originally designed by the Seoul National University and modified by ACSQ network and Taiwanese SQ team member. Here are about 1200 sample are collected and CATI system has been utilized during data collection. Stratified random sampling has been used for sample representation purpose.

The data will address that here is gender difference in subjective feeling about social inclusion and social empowerment. Women compared their counterpart tend to be more satisfied in those area. More detail will be discussed in this paper.