Worlds of Nurses in the Care at Home, a Comparison France-Japan

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 4:15 PM
Room: 415
Oral Presentation
Yuko WATANABE , Care at Home, Japanese Nursing Association, Tamura-gun, Fukushima-ken, Japan
Tetsu HARAYAMA , Toyo University, Japan
Most of the Japanese nurses in the care at home in the regions Fukushima and Nagano are married, having children, but they had an interruption in their careers, longer than the French nurses. So we observe it in difference between length of having D.E. (Diploma of State) and experiences as nurse in the care at home. In France, the nurses in the care at home stress the activity and more exactly on their condition of exercise, at the levels of motivation and difficulty, unlike the nurses in hospitals, who like working in team, emphasize the cooperation with other professionals. The French nurses mention practically never the relations with patients’ families. So, the professional world of the first ones focuses on the market convention, while that of the second on the industrial agreement. In Japan, the nurses in the care at home, quite as the hospitable, suggest the relations with patients in terms of motivation and difficulty; but the first ones often mention the relations with the family of the patient. The professional world of the nurses in the care at home is characterized by the proximity or domestic convention. However, the nurses in the care at home in Fukushima differ from those in Nagano. The second criticize care managers in the point of view of cooperation. The first ones suffer from the difficult situation after the disasters to improve the quality of life of the patient, but they think of the role of the professional associations in terms of  civic convention. This requirement of collective organization comes along with a bigger autonomy and, doubtless, with a grip of more important responsibility. This will have important and positive consequences on the image of the profession.