War, Conflict and Human Rights Violation: New Debates and Discourses in Pakistan

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 5:45 PM
Room: Booth 50
Oral Presentation
Riaz SHAIKH , Social Sciences, Institute of Science and Technology , Karachi, Pakistan
Eventual aim of human beings is to have a peaceful society where human dignity and human rights are well respected. But during the war and conflict times situation totally rejects the concept of the such values and norms and especially in situation where conflicts persists for decades on asymmetric pattern. Situation becomes more complex in those cases where states provide covert support to the non-state actors to further toe their agenda. Pakistan’s military developed nexus with the jihadist with the financial backing of other countries, but eventually the jihadists are now haunting the patron itself.

Now conflict between militants and state has turned to situation that where the level of violence has reached to new zenith. In this situation, abuse of human rights from both sides becomes a very common issue. But due to protest of civil society bodies and judicial activism at least debate on human rights violation is being taking place in Pakistan. Human rights organizations and judiciary are pursuing the agenda of missing persons and other sensitive situation vigorously.

Paper discusses how with the strengthening of democratic traditions and emergence of free media debate on human rights violation is getting strong voice in Pakistan.