Young People in Social Disadvantage: Opportunities and Threats in Local Environments

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 3:30 PM
Room: 512
Oral Presentation
Joanna TSIGANOU , Institute of Social Research, National Centre for Social Research - Greece, Athens, Greece

The arguments advanced in the proposed paper are based on the analysis of data concerning the means and ways of combating social exclusion of young people in social disadvantage at local communities by means of suitable educational and training programs.

In fact, in an era of globalization of economic and social relations, the employment structures may not be understandable on the basis neither of the model of “technocratic advancement” nor of the model of “specialization”.  If such is the case, there is an urgent need for the employment of other forms of “capital” in order to combat marginalization of those young people that suffer multiple social disadvantages. The question is how detached are modern societies from traditional forms of education, training and employment especially under conditions of austerity. Another issue for serious consideration is whether local environments possess new capacities for training and job opportunities for young people in social disadvantage. It is to be discussed also whether the local versus the global (i.e. in the sector of enterprises) may possess more opportunities than threats in combating unemployment and exclusion.