Gender Pyramid Politics: Trends of Global Changes

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 4:00 PM
Room: 512
Oral Presentation
Olga OVCHAROVA , Department of humanitarian Science, Russian State Academy of Arts , Moscow, Russia
Gender Pyramid Politics: Trends of Global Change

Nowadays in the contemporary world the gender pyramid of power is maintained. The low representation of women at the making-decision level is observed both in the public and private areas of employment. It is most evident in the political sphere - the sphere of traditional male domination. There is the opinion, that women can expect to realize their ambitions in this sphere in the last place.

At the same time we can speak about some changes in the presented social scheme. Over the past decades, some states have demonstrated not only the increasing number of women in the government, but also the obvious mental shifts in sharing of gender roles. In this case, it is typical that the culture of these countries have not been traditionally presented as gender-focused, the movement for women`s rights has not existed, and the women themselves do not consider their political advancement as "the social breakthrough."

On the contrary, in the states where the issues of gender equality have been raising at the higher levels for many decades, significant neutralization of the principle of gender pyramid can`t be noticed.

In this regard, the following questions rouse great interest:

What are the social, cultural and legal reasons caused this situation?

Does the economic aspect of the pyramid change with the political advancement of women? Or is the stay of women in the authority only the question of formality?

What are the prospects of gender equality / inequality in the epoch of globalization?