Political Culture and Communication: A Study of Forthcoming General Elections of India

Wednesday, July 16, 2014: 4:26 PM
Room: Booth 43
Oral Presentation
Parvez A. ABBASI , VNSG University, Surat,India, Surat, India
Subhankar BASU , Aljamea Tus Saifiyah, Zampa Bazar, Surat, Surat, India
The paper makes an effort to present the cultural and communication perspective of the general elections of India scheduled to be held in 2014. However, its preparations are on full swing and the political alignments are on for the political battle between the Congress led (ruling) UPA (United Progressive Alliance) and the BJP led NDA (National Democratic Alliance).

The proposed 2014 general elections are symbolic in many respects and hence the political culture has proportionately got mobilized. A glimpse of tussles between the two arch rivals of contemporary Indian politics is going to affect the power structure and corresponding cultural texture of the society at large. Hence, the situation demands hairsplitting analysis of the culture and communication of the political forces shaping and sharing power. 

The paper tries to encompass the bipolar political structure and the probability of the emergence of so-called Third Front in coalition era at the centre. The political compulsion of different political parties to align themselves to mainstream national interset is something that Indian politics has  yet to negotiate. India appears to be a cake being disputed over by the BJP and the Congress.

The paper reflects the stakeholders of politics being at different camps and at loggerhead for political gains, putting the nation state at stake. The paper also makes an effort to look into the political dynamics having bearings on the functioning of the nation state and its future course of action. The exploratory research design in combination with clinical method is adopted to look into the political forces generating a particular political culture and communication.