Elderly Prisoners' Life World - Comparative Study in NZ and Japan

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 8:45 AM
Room: Booth 59
Oral Presentation
Yoko HOSOI , Toyo University, Tokyo, Japan
The Eldery Prisoners' Life World-comparative study between NZ and Japan

 In Japan and NZ the crime rate of the elderly persons (up to 65) is dramatically getting upward since 1990s. I and John Pratt(NZ)have engaged in the comparative studies to make clear thebackgrounds and  reasons to put the elderly persons committing crimes. Both countries did a lot of effort to prevent them from doing crime and take care for them after release from the prisons. Nevertheless, such kinds of crime policy and the welfare trials were found out  ineffective for the decrease their reoffending.

 Therefore we make our ideas to understand the elderly people in terms of their life world such as their life plans in childhood, dreams, hope, political needs, religious consciousness, love, alterism, family networks, crime and violonce aspirations and satisfactions etc.

 Based on the research findings (600 prisoners in Japan and 66 prisoners in NZ) , here, we would like to construct their life worlds to get some suggestions to step forwards for them in their future without the criminal lives.