Children and Intimate Partner's Violence Against Women. Quantification and Mother's Perceptions

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 5:54 PM
Room: Booth 64
Oral Presentation
Eva ESPINAR-RUIZ , Sociology II, University of Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante), Spain
Begoña LÓPEZ-MONSALVE , Interuniversitary Institute of Social Development and Peace (IUDESP), University of Alicante, San Vicente del Raspeig (Alicante), Spain
Over the last years, a growing number of authors have been raising the necessary incorporation of children in the study of gender violence, and specifically in the study of violence against women by an intimate partner. Such incorporation can provide not only a lower level of invisibility and vulnerability of exposed children, but also a better understanding of the characteristics and dynamics of the violence itself. Based on these considerations, we have developed a secondary analysis of the data obtained by the Spanish Center of Sociological Research (CIS for its acronym in Spanish) through  the last national survey on gender violence (2011). Despite the fact that the main objective of this survey it is not the analysis of children, relevant information can be gathered about the presence of boys and girls in the context of gender violence and about the possible relationships between this presence and women's perceptions of aggressors' parental role and the decision of reporting the aggression.