Foundational Dimension of Social Movements in Latin America? : The Case of Chilean Students and Other Mobilizations in Recent Years. CANCELLED

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 3:30 PM
Room: 411
Manuel Antonio GARRETON , Sociology, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile

The paper discuss five dimensions of recent mobilizations in LA: democratizing, antineoliberal, citizenship, identitarian and foundational, according to the predominant dimension in the movements. This is done comparing with other mobilizations in the world. The main thesis is that behind the different mobilizations and social movements in recent years, underlies a foundational dimension aiming to reconstruct the relations between State and society broken after globalization, neoliberal reforms, dictatorships and democratization processes. This hypothesis is examined in the Chilean case considering three main aspects: the type of society emerging after the process of democratization that we define as a post pinochetist or post authoritarian society linked to the past by the neo liberal model and the Constitution inherited form the dictatorship, the type of mobilizations developed since 2006 and mainly since 2011 and the window opportunity for new relations between politics  and civil society opened by presidential elections in 2013 and possible constitutional processes.