Defence and Security Policies in the EU: From Decision Making to Political Culture

Friday, July 18, 2014: 11:00 AM
Room: 512
Oral Presentation
Michele NEGRI , Economy and Enterprise, University of Tuscia, Italy
What is the contribution made by the armed forces during and in relation to security operations, both in international contexts and to protect public order and homeland security? Based on the assessment of the contribution and skills currently at the disposal of the armed forces, we have identified possible areas of further use of the military force in security contexts. In the international arena, thanks to the growing use of instruments for civil and military cooperation, the military is involved in crisis management, conflict prevention and peace-building processes. As concerns internal security, the involvement of the military - and the use of their logistic assets - is increasingly common in response to threats such as terrorism, environmental disasters, protection of critical infrastructure and other emergency situations which the country has to deal with . This trend is also confirmed by the involvement of military forces in European "Security Research" activities , sponsored by the Commission with the objective of developing technological capabilities, tools and methodologies in "civil" security . The research was conducted through: the consultation of political, institutional and regulatory sources (at national, EU and NATO levels), the academic and scientific literature,  the media; qualitative interviews with experts in the field.