Youth in Social Transformation Through Education

Monday, July 14, 2014: 4:30 PM
Room: F203
Distributed Paper
India, known as a country of youth, with the potential to help build a stronger democracy through social entrepreneurship. There is a need of enthusiastic and pro-active youth for any transformation. They need a balance while addressing country's growth and social issues.

Education is a progressive approach for transforming society. Existing education policies has many shortcomings. There are many discriminatory practices applied at ground level. However, despite this adverse situation the young generation is engaged in creating an atmosphere for change in rural Maharashtra, India.

Idea of bringing students in the main stream of education has been established. But, due to distress & seasonal migration of deprived sections of the societies with family, education of students gets affected badly. Some experimental learning centres such as SAKHARSHALA for sugarcane workers and PASHANSHALA for stone crusher workers have been started for the education of deprived communities.

In tribal area, language is a big issue which cuts masses from education. In Gadchiroli (Indian Village), youth started translating the formal text books in Gondi, a colloquial tribal language, which was successful, and tribal students continued in school.

The formal set of the government is fixed, & the decision makers are not in a frame of mind to change the structure. It is observed that if changes done in the realm of style, time, language, location leads to education reaching to the masses and particularly the deprived sections of the society.

The mission is to empower the marginalized & oppressed through facilitating concrete processes. Which is based on collective, reflective & sustainable actions initiated by youth; who explore & criticize the oppressive foundations of the society and possess desire to transform it through education.