New Middle Class in Singapore As a Global Creative City

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 4:30 PM
Room: 419
Oral Presentation
Kenichi KAWASAKI , Department of Global Media, Komazawa University, Tokyo, Japan
I would like to present a new middle class and cultural development in Singapore as a global creative city, particularly focused in the following two points. One is taken in Singapore case and I would deal with the detail content developed during these 20 years. It is very interesting case, because Singapore government has successfully accomplished the cultural institutions. As a result, there have occurred some intensions or class discrepancy among Singaporean people themselves, additionally a famous conflict between foreign workers and Singaporean workers. I introduce the concrete cases and analyze them. During 20 years Singapore government considerably planned and systematically managed some artistic areas including artistic participation, art education, and artistic outreach activities. And it will be included a famous ethnic public policy in Singapore. I would trace the historical transformation and analyze the sociological meanings.  Second I would compare with other typical Asian cases. Particularly I would take both Shanghai and Tokyo. Both cities are also global creative cities just the same as Singapore. Of course each city has had its original history and has making its unique type by itself. But there exists Asian Share-ness among the three cases. Mainly I would point out the relationship between national/city government and people. Lastly the I would discuss the future of the new class conflict in Singapore and the sociological meanings compared with the two cities.(227 words)