Feasibility and Possible Fields for Application of Clinical Sociology in Iran

Monday, July 14, 2014: 3:45 PM
Room: Booth 55
Oral Presentation
Saeid YARMOHAMMADI , Sociology, Independent Scholar, Tehran, Iran
According to some Iranian sociologists, the absence of sociology, and sociologists themselves, in relation with the society in one of the most important negative aspects that has had a major impact on weakness of sociology in Iran.

There are so many social problems in Iran for which we need social solutions. But the absence of sociology in obvious not only to recommend sociological theories that match these problems but also to intervene in the process of solving them.

Clinical sociology can play an important role in filling this gap as a mediator between sociology and society. This study, first of all, assesses the practicability, and possible obstacles, of utilizing this particular type of sociology and then determines and introduces the fields in which it can be applied and intervene more effectively to improve the quality of lives in Iranian society.

By making use of documentary method, any attempt, if exist, for applying clinical sociology is considered and by interviewing some sociologists and social activists, different fields, and also major obstacles, for application of clinical sociology in Iran are proposed.