Global Ageing in Precarious Times

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 10:45 AM
Room: Booth 40
Oral Presentation
Susan MCDANIEL , University of Lethbridge, Letbridge, AB, Canada
Growing inequalities worldwide and within nation states, global financial crises, massive urban migration, austerity and shrinking public spheres – all contour ageing as a macro, meso and micro process. As the coup d’état in slow motion, as population ageing has been termed, sweeps across all regions of the world, although in different ways, instances of previously hidden terrains are being revealed. Among these are the globalization of care, the effects of growing inequalities on risks to older people but also on youth and those in mid-life, and counterintuitively the greater availability of potential paid caregivers. In this proposed talk, McDaniel will draw on her extensive research on the policy implication of global ageing, on her comparative research on life course ageing in various countries in times of economic challenge, and her current research on transnational ageing and care supply/demand.