Healthy Ageing, Happiness, Quality of Life for Rural Marginalized People and E- Health

Saturday, July 19, 2014: 11:15 AM
Room: F205
Oral Presentation
Shashi MISHRA , Sociology, Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College, Mumbai, India
“Health for all” is a Millennium Development Goal. Medical Science is developing by leaps and bounds. In India it has brought in more awareness, longevity and a number of other advantages. At the same time availability of health care in India is uneven and unequal. Healthy ageing and living simple but quality life is the right of all. But it is a distant dream.

This paper explores the nature of health care practices in India. While analyzing the issues concerning the health care, it tries to highlight the major concerns affecting health care in India. An attempt is made to provide an alternative to revitalize the provision of public health care infrastructure in the country.

Quality of life through good health is an essential resource that enables individuals, communities and nations to overcome poverty and develop their potential. Healthy ageing is prerequisite for progress and development. This paper will explore the relevance of equitable distribution of health care services to the poor and unreachable. It creates awareness about the new health care concept of telemedicine (E-Health) which can bring the best health care services to people of remote areas. Changing health and morbidity patterns in rural and urban areas are drawing global attention in recent years. Investing in hospitals with good infrastructure may not be much advisable in poor people of rural areas because of the lack of well qualified and experienced medical personnel. Also people find it too costly. The introduction of Information and Communication Technology in healthcare by some hospitals in India in the form of telemedicine is bringing about a revolution in the health care services. Research shows that such activities have tremendously helped the people of rural and remote areas of India who are not able to afford good healthcare facilities.