Political Coverage of Japanese Newspapers in Brazil

Monday, July 14, 2014: 4:42 PM
Room: F201
Oral Presentation
Yukako NAGAMURA , Federal University of Paraná, Curitiba, Brazil
Márcio DE OLIVEIRA , Political Science and Sociology, Federal University of Paraná - Brazil, Curitiba, Brazil
Today in Brazil, there are several presses written in foreign languages directed to immigrant communities which appeared in the history of the immigrants . Which characteristics are present in those minority’s medias? This work focuses on explaining activity of Japanese newspapers in Brazil , which are written in Japanese for the Japanese immigrant community and published in São Paulo, the most important city of Japanese immigration in Brazil. Generally, these ethnic medias for minority community have tendency to seek and keep traditional values and culture. However, it is interesting that these Japanese newspapers in Brazil report not only  culture events or education’s subjects, but also frequently  political subjects. In the political subject, they report especially activity of Japanese descendant politics from the Japanese immigrant community. This work tries to describe the political coverage of the two Japanese newspapers, Nikkey Shimbun and São Paulo Shimbun, and to analyze that comparing with immigration’s history and context of immigrant descendant’s advance in the Brazilian politics. Qualitative content analysis was adapted to analyze the articles. We conclude that during the electoral campaigns, these newspapers represented some subjects with a favorable way to Japanese descendant candidates and showed guidance to vote on them by the journalistic persuasion, especially guiding the readers to concentrate their votes on some specific candidates to elect them with enough votes.