The Structure of the Global Economy 1850-2000 "CANCELLED"

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 10:30 AM
Room: 419
Jeffrey KENTOR , Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI

 This research develops a new typology of the structure of the world economy, based upon Charles Tilly’s (1994) theorization of the emergence of the modern nation-state system. 

Following Tilly, this research conceptualizes the world economy as a four dimensional space of economic and military power. These dimensions include 1) size of the economy 2) capital intensiveness of the economy 3) size of the military and 4) capital intensiveness of the military. A typology is constructed that locates countries within this multidimensional space from 1850 to the present, utilizing fuzzy set methodology. 

This typology allows us to better understand the shifting relationships among countries at any given point in time as well as changes over time, and provides new insights into the dynamics of the world economy such as economic development, inequality, and hegemony.