Aesthetic Barroco As a Performance of Subaltern Cultural Societies: The Sociological Approach

Monday, July 14, 2014: 10:30 AM
Room: 304
Oral Presentation
Daniel GUTIERREZ-MARTINEZ , Social Science, El Colegio Mexiquense, Zinacantepec, Edo. de México, Mexico
Debates about originality and the origins of the world have been added by scientific revolutions in physics, biologists and neuroscientists with the multiplication of the universes, new worlds discovered and technological advancements that have changed our everyday lives. Here, the rediscovery of the importance of dreaming, meandering, and others go together with artistic expressions, literature, cultures of remix, games of masks, avatars... These announce a new equilibrium between the visible and the invisible, emotion and abstraction, the physical and the metaphysical. Which imaginaire is cause and effect of these mutations? Aesthetic Barroco imaginaire as a form of performance has been well analyze in artistic expressions to understand this plurality, but has been a little ignored as a sociological theory. As Weber uses Beruf to understand the no-mind action in capitalism, Barroquiam imaginaire can be used to understand the way capitalism (development) is expressed in pluri-cultural societies with a subaltern condition. That is why we propose, as a metaphor, to include it in the performance theory to understand plurality in a globalized world; not only to comprehend traditional subaltern cultures (Latin-America, Africa, Asia), but as well, for example, black groups in USA; the suburbs cultures in develop countries, etcetera. Art and empirical sciences, worlds of fashion, architecture, literature are amongst others the witnesses of this plurality. Artifice, simulacrum, dreams, ornamentation, exaggeration, multiplication have themselves become the stuff of the ordinary, part of its structure, its foundation myth. Barroco metaphor permits us to observe the deep meaning trough the “artificial”, the reel trough the no real, the truth to the fake in this pluralist and relativist vision of existence. Jazz, blues, Regetton, spicy food, exaggerated manners, ways to talk… are just some examples will be light up to show how social meanings today are showed through superficial symbols.