Transforming Violence on School through Family Minority Males

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 3:45 PM
Room: Harbor Lounge A
Oral Presentation
Mar JOANPERE , university of barcelona, Spain
Lena DE BOTTON , Sociologial Theory, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
European schools are witnessing a growing range of violent behaviors, including bullying or gender violence. And especially strong violence is addressed towards ethnic and cultural groups. Research noted various factors that push to particular types of violence. In this paper we will focus on hegemonic masculinity that plays an important role on it. Thus, schools need preventive strategies like community involvement. Nevertheless very little research has pointed out on men participation in their local schools. In this sense, the start point of the paper is to show how participation of minority males in schools contributes to promote diverse models of masculinity and in consequence reduce violence behaviors. The results presented on the paper, draw on data obtained on project INCLUD-ED (6th FP European Commission, 2006- 2011). Researchers identify three specific types of masculinities (Flecha, Puigvert & Rios, 2013): Dominant Traditional Masculinity, Oppressed Traditional Masculinity and New Alternative Masculinity. As they point out, children and adolescents who do not follow the model of hegemonic masculinity are more often the victims. The New Alternative Masculinity, could become a referent for the adolescents to fight violence behaviors. It is through the involvement of role models in classrooms and in other learning spaces such as the playground, and also participating in decision-making that they help to create a safer atmosphere where violent behaviors are neither accepted nor tolerated.