Gender Equality and Family Development in Azerbaijan

Monday, July 14, 2014: 3:30 PM
Room: 502
Oral Presentation
Sveta GULIYEVA , `Taraqqi` Lyceum, Baku, Azerbaijan
The gender problem in Azerbaijan is in the center of attention of the state and public organizations. In the country important decisions are made and numerous events for the solution of this problem are held.

The main directions of a state policy in this area are implementation of measures on to prevention of cases of gender violence, creation of equal opportunities for women and men on a labor market, expansion of opportunities for career growth women, appointments them on senior positions.

The state supports strengthening of social protection and protection of mother and children, baby sitting simplification for working parents according to the ratified in the Workers with Family Responsibilities Convention of the International Labour Organization increase in number of kindergartens, and also development of services on to family planning.

For the purpose of realization of noted directions the parliament of Azerbaijan accepted a number of the target documents. The parliament accepted such important documents, as "Strategy of the Azerbaijani families", the National plan of action on gender equality, Children's code and National children's strategy. Along with it, in the country are created institute "Family psychologist", the help and shelter centers for the women who have undergone the household to violence, and also system of monitoring of violence against women, evasion of women from education and early marriages.