Personnel of Innovative Economy: The Search for Solutions

Thursday, July 17, 2014: 6:30 PM
Room: 414
Distributed Paper
Nina ARSENTYEVA , Social Problems, Ins Economics & Industrial Engineering, Novosibirsk, Russia
Arsentyeva N.


An innovative economy demand from employee to:

-ability to work in conditions of uncertainty;

-the ability to find creative non-trivial solutions;

-skills for work in a team;

-aiming at result (result orientation);

- ability and willingness to training throughout their working activities.

Obviously, the system of general and vocational education doesn't give such competences; it is not its main task. Using the test and examination scales, it only fixes the academic progress and intelligence, believing that this is sufficient for a professional career.

Where and how to generate the desired qualities of an employee? What conditions and factors are necessary for their formation? J. Raven, investigating the formation of competency, highlights some of the necessary conditions. According to J.Raven, the main condition is developing environment. In this paper we would like to show the first practical results of the implementing of social policy aimed at improving the quality of labor potential, on the formation of employee competencies required by the innovation economy. To achieve this goal, the city  Novosibirsk has created a municipal institution "City Center project creation" for the implementation of the program "Early training of innovative personnel".

In this program, 700-750 school students and 250-300 students of various higher education institutions of the city annually participate.

During the project sessions to solve the paradoxical task participant is in a situation of uncertainty. Resolving the contradiction contained in the task, the student learns to:

- to form an opinion;

- to perceive the opinion of the opponent;

- to conduct discussion taking into account opinion of the opponent.

According to the results of the program can be unambiguously talk about the growth of intellectual and social activities for studying youth and a realization of its creative potential.