Contradiction Between Leisure Pursuits and Structures of Inequality

Tuesday, July 15, 2014: 4:00 PM
Room: F206
Oral Presentation
Nai YANG , Chinese National Academy of Art, Beijing, China
Applying the method of stratification research could be a more rational way of looking at matters, especially inspecting Leisure Pursuits from the perspective of structures of inequality . Leisure is not a simple individual behavior, and cannot be independent from social environment and the influence of time. Leisure pursuits is neither a matter in view of pure spiritual level nor a question of pure economics, but a resort of spirit and physical of human being which has close relationship with social political and economic structures.

Essentially, structures of inequality or limited resources decide the inequality of leisure consumption. The contradiction between leisure pursuits and structures of inequality is an objective existance. Idealists intend to stress the universality of leisure pursuits or the individual right of leisure , criticize and neglect the positive impacting of the existing of structures of inequality on leisure pursuits. however,  the existing of the inequality of leisure consumption is not only facilitating the reasonalble distribution and portfolios of resources to a large extent but also  playing a important role in maintaining structures of inequality as well as the vigorous vitality of the social organism actually.

It will be beneficial for us, if we treat positively the contradiction between leisure pursuit and structure of inequality, to treat the matter of leisure consumption correctly and help us deal with many confusion and difficulties in real life, particularly those related  to a series of questions of  imbalances, such as the imbalances between leisure and individual rights, leisure and social economics, leisure and wealth distribution as well as leisure and spiritual resort etc.